Protect your PHP application

LykanShield protects your PHP application for hacking like SQL injection, bad IPs etc.


FileUpload Filter
MimeType Filter
Bad Bot Filter
Bad IP Filter
SQL Injection
XSS Injection Filter
File Injection Filter

API for your backend

Blacklist Check

We only hold IP addresses for only 1 day! Right now we have 209.843 Ips.

Protect your web application

Implement LykanShield to any PHP application you want. It protects your software from SQL Injection, bad IPs, bad bots and has an upload filter by extension and mime type.

With its REST API you can easly add a hack report to your dashboard or use our implemention tool, once you are registered.

All LykanShield user are connected. So once an bad IP has been detected, all connected websites are save from attack by that identified IP.


Top 10 IPs Blocked
IP Date Country Attacks
Total 15 21.Jul 4 21.Jul 2 21.Jul 2 21.Jul 1 21.Jul 1 21.Jul 1 21.Jul 1 21.Jul 1 21.Jul 1
2a03:2880:f800:5:: 21.Jul 1

Integration backend on dashboard

1. Option: Embed via IFRAME in your backend dashboard

register and use our assistant to generate your iframe code. Very simple way.

2. Option: Get information via API into your backend dashboard

this JSON string includes data to create an chart or tables with IP information for your dashboard

* lykan::get_lock()
* @param integer $days     => Days back from NOW
* @param integer $limit    => Limit of fetched IPs. Max is 100
require ('./includes/lykan.class.php');
$json_string = lykan::get_lock(30, 10);
var_dump(json_decode($json_string, true));